Dance and YOU

Dance and YOU

Holding your partner in your arms and moving to music is very romantic. You can attain this skill through learning to dance. Men — imagine having not only the confidence to ask any lady to dance, but the ability to make her feel secure moving across the floor in your arms. Ladies — picture never having to say “no” to a dance invitation and having the skills to move gracefully with your partner.

In addition to the “romance of dance,” dancing opens doors to new enjoyment of other occasions —

** holiday parties
** weddings
** company functions
** dinner dances
** an evening out

Confidence on the dance floor leads to feeling prepared for many social situations. AND, there are other benefits —

** better posture, balance and fitness
** increased confidence and overcoming shyness
** meeting people
** enjoying and attending dance parties

Learning to dance is a fun, enjoyable journey, and it begins literally, one step at a time. For men, it’s about moving with your partner to music, NOT memorizing steps. For ladies, it is responding to your partner’s lead and feeling light and comfortable in his arms.

Take the first step – right now – toward a new and meaningful activity that will expand your personal world. Call us. The Ballroom will open the door to enriching your life through dance.

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